Besides my practice as an artist, I hold roughly 17 years of fine art experience working as a contractor through art instruction, artist technician, and art commissions. I started independent contracting through Drama Press. This is where I was able to put my skills to service in education, print and consultations.

My good friend and business partner, Matt Reynoso, created Indubitable Design, a design business, after our first major art commission. Indubitable Design is housed in Oakland and we work though the Compound Gallery for art commissions with various for profit businesses. Some of these businesses include, estructure, Digital Insight, YouTube, and various other tech industries in the south bay. I am here to share my experience and my story to help you in developing  your own story. I am also pursuing the creation of a Maker Space at LMC. If you want to be a part of this movement, let me know.

Make the mundane magical!

Eric Sanchez