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Welcome to Daruma Press where your ideas become a reality. Daruma Press started as an independent fine art and custom digital printing for artists. As I have built my career in education, I now share my expertise with artists and creatives through design, education, workshops and consultations. My studio is housed in Oakland, CA.

In short I am an interdisciplinary artist who is actively learning and experimenting with media. My experience ranges in traditional print and digital print media which includes laser cutting. I teach workshops in art in digital print design and fabrication. I have worked with artists on a one by one basis and also work with local institutions to have in class workshops. Clients such the Compound Gallery and the Kala Artists in Schools programs are some of my recent partnerships. 

This is a business that I do in addition to my full time faculty position at Los Medanos College which is located in East Contra Costa County, Pittsburg, CA.

Our current project will be through the Emeryville Art Grants where we will be working with the Emeryville Community Assistance Program (ECAP) to create a video for recruiting younger generation of volunteers for the day to day operations, equipment donations, and finial contributions.

– Eric Sanchez



1167 65th Street

Oakland, CA 94608

located at the Compound Gallery and Studios


Date: April 2, 2022

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